Content Curation: An Ongoing Process

As a Learning & Development manager, you wear many hats. You must work with business partners to understand company goals and needs, while keeping in touch with your learners to design and [...]


Lesson 4 from our CPTM Class

Lesson 4 in our CPTM class was a big one! It seemed to have a lot of smaller topics within the big lesson. And at times, they didn’t seem to go together. But once we got through a few more [...]


Lesson 3 from our CPTM Class

Sometimes not everything is about training. What? Did a training person just say that? This was another lesson (from Lesson 3) in our CPTM class through Training Industry that really made us [...]


Lesson 2 from our CPTM Class

The second module for our CPTM class this summer really dove right in to the heart of training! In this section we covered The Best Practices of High-Performing Training Organizations. This [...]


Welcome Tammy Sena! Say Hello to our New Team Member!

Welcome to AXIOM Tammy! AXIOM Learning Solutions would like to welcome Tammy Sena to our rapidly growing team! Tammy has been named Talent Manager and will oversee AXIOM’s talent pool, which [...]