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AXIOM works with several well-respected, established partners in the Learning & Development industry. Occasionally we’d like to use this blog to highlight some of our esteemed colleagues and shine a spotlight on them and the great things they do. This also serves to show you, our readers, followers, clients and partners, the wide range of services we offer. Today our spotlight is on Linda Wade from Apogee Solutions. You can also find her at Work Wise.

Linda is the founder and President of Apogee Solutions, a CRM consulting firm providing Professional Training and Change Management services to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies for over 25 years.  Linda’s specialty is partnering with clients to determine a training strategy best suited for the client’s culture.  Linda then marshals the most efficient team to develop customized curriculum by user personification and deliver the program onsite or virtually.  Linda and her team have consistently provided clients with high-quality and high energy rollouts that are effective in driving high user adoption rates. Here’s what Linda has to say:


My ​training business and career s​tarted in 1990 when I ​began training customers in the Northeast on DOS, Windows, ​​Lotus and Microsoft products.  I moved into the CRM industry in 1996 when Stratus Computer asked me to take on their ​600+, global ​Siebel​ user roll-out.  Since then​ helping customers roll-out global​ CRM ​systems ​has been my focus.

​But we focus on the people side of CRM, user adoption.  What is user adoption?  Well, simply said, looking at a system, understanding how that audience works day to day in current systems and objectively reviewing the new system and determining if the application aligns with their day to day business process.

During the past ​25 years, I have personally ​executed the implementations and ​develop​ed​ teams of CRM trainers​ to follow my lead​ and continued to ​manage​ ​them ​as we developed custom training programs and delivered those programs globally.

We partner with our clients to  develop ​proper training plans which include a set of scenario/role based curriculum​,​ ​assistance in process definition, ​and other adult learning methods both​ onsite and virtual​.

We stay with the client post go​-live to ​help them determine ​the ​best next steps ​to drive user adoption. My ​personal ​passion is helping customers ​realize that they c​​an change – ​and ​that the change is good and will continue to form and take new shapes.  We are enthusiastic​, empathetic and always looking for solutions​ in ​and out of ​the classroom​ ​ because we understand that learning new systems and overall change can be difficult.

​We pride ourselves on being the liaisons between the business and developers of the application.​

 “I personally have worked with Dave Franco since the 1990s because I only align myself with the most ethical, loyal and trusted colleagues and friends.  I value my partnership with AXIOM and look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.”​​

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