Productivity Driven Success – Available now!

Our great partner Eric Bloom’s book has been released! That’s right, it’s available on Amazon now! Click here to order or leave a review. We got a sneak peek a few months back and we think it’s great! Don’t be jealous, but we have an autographed copy in our office!Eric Bloom Book

Thanks Eric, you’ve done us proud!

For those of you who are Kindle readers, the book is only $1.99 today!

Here’s some more information about the book:

A basic premise of the book is that no one cares about productivity. What they care about is the time, money and resources that it provides. Also, from an organizational perspective, there are four other outputs that may even be of greater value, they are increased quality, reduced risk, quicker product delivery and enhanced employee culture. This widened view of productivity can be achieved via the three core principles within the book:

– Creation of a productivity culture via six defined cultural enablers

– Enhance productivity in any or all of the following eight areas:

  • Constructive Delegation
  • Ongoing Process Improvement
  • Communication Efficiency
  • Knowledge storage and transfer
  • Time Management
  • Asset Reuse
  • Intelligent Meeting Management
  • Leveraging the zone

– Creation of a repeatable and measurable productivity enhancement process via the seven steps of the Productivity Pyramid

These topics are more are contained with the new book.

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