Linda Wade and AXIOM: Working together for CRM Change Enablement

Are you getting the expected return on your CRM investment? Do your user adoption rates need a significant boost? Or, are you considering switching to a more modern CRM solution?  AXIOM has a great partner that will make your transition smooth, and help ensure you achieve your ROI. AXIOM’s friend Linda Wade, has been a CRM change enablement and training specialist since 1996.

Working together on CRM Change EnablementWe’re thrilled to be able to partner with Linda, and have been working with her for years. We wrote a blog post about our work with Linda back in 2015, but things change and we like to keep you informed!

First, a little background: For the past 20 years, Linda helped Fortune 500/1000 companies build global strategies to roll out Siebel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.  She partnered with customers to understand all of their business units/divisions/departments and how they should/would work together.  Linda and her team then took those business processes and ensured  their business processes aligned with the new CRM tool.  In most cases they were instrumental in assisting a customer with both determining an undefined business process and refining an existing process and recommending user interface design in the new tool by functional role. As a result of the team’s understanding the holistic organizational picture and how the end user worked, the team was employed to assist with the development of UAT scripts and testing.

In 2009, Linda researched the Salesforce market and became a Certified Administrator. She then began partnering with Salesforce ISV partners and customers to assist in their implementations from a change enablement and training strategy. Using techniques developed over the past 25 years, her team is helping Salesforce customers meet their project objectives, achieve the targeted ROI, and ensure high user adoption rates.

To date, several of Linda’s team members are not only Salesforce Administration Certified but also certified Salesforce CRM classesprofessional instructors by Salesforce University.

Linda personally holds the following certifications: Administration Essentials, Advanced Administration and Salesforce University Certified Instructor for both Essentials and Advanced courses.

Linda’s team consists of training project managers, curriculum developers, change management specialists and training delivery.  Her delivery experience is in the classroom and through webinars and she specializes in developing training plans for customer based on what works best for them.

Linda Wade and AXIOM have similar philosophies on training…we do what YOU need and how you need it so the success potential is high. You aren’t getting off-the-shelf classes that might or might not work, you’re getting a customized solution that you are a part of throughout the entire process. Our goal is your success!

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