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Last month we introduced you to partner Karen Hinds from Workplace Success Group. She has a great series of webinars focused on creating productive and admired leaders withing your organization. Through speaking engagements, customized classes, webinars and coaching initiatives, Karen helps businesses that are committed to developing the next generation of leaders.

These FREE webinars are not in order and are separate topics, so you can jump in at any time. Pick a subject that works for you and join in! The next webinar is February 16 and is called:

Managing Managers

Session Overview

Managing managers is definitely not the same as managing a team of Free Webinar on Leadership here, enroll now.individual contributors. You are a step removed from the day-to-day activities, yet responsible for all the results. You no longer specialize in a particular area but you must now work seamlessly across departments, units and functions to encourage cooperation regardless of communication style, culture, and personalities. Your managers will look to you as their problem solver, advocate and coach.

Are you prepared to execute at this level? Join us for an engaging webinar where you will learn tips and strategies on how to:

  • Build trust and empower your managers
  • Be a coach to your managers, not a referee
  • Use your influence to drive greater collaboration
  • Be effective when managing former colleagues
  • Get to know your managers’ team


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