September News and Notes, Back to School!

Welcome to fall! It’s back to school time and not just for the kids. Adults need learning, too! We’ve been hard at work as usual at AXIOM, making sure we offer the best learning [...]


Congratulations! Jason Ruff, our new Executive VP!

AXIOM is excited to announce the promotion of Jason Ruff to Executive Vice President of AXIOM Learning Solutions! Congratulations Jason! Jason has more than 15 years’ experience in human capital [...]


Contract Positions Available, Apply Now!

Welcome to fall! No doubt your weekends are full of pumpkins, apple picking, football or getting ready to rake some leaves. But what about your week? Are you looking for a new contract position [...]


How Hard is Choosing your LMS?

Choosing an LMS can be like choosing any other software for your business….it can take up a good amount of resources and money, there are dozens of factors that go into the decision, [...]


Networking for Fundraising Success

Are you looking to increase your networking power in order to drive a successful fundraising campaign? AXIOM friend and partner Karen Hinds of Workplace Success has a great LIVE workshop coming [...]


Learning Opportunities for Fall!

It may not be fall quite yet, but I think we’re pretty close! I think many of us are hovering between one last beach day and pumpkin spice. Football returning tonight is certainly going to [...]


Lesson 3 from our CPTM Class

Sometimes not everything is about training. What? Did a training person just say that? This was another lesson (from Lesson 3) in our CPTM class through Training Industry that really made us [...]