We Have a New Website!

We’re really excited to officially announce our website upgrade is complete!

The site has a very similar look and feel to our old one, but got a face lift! We’ve updated pictures, content and site hierarchy so it’s even easier to get your hands on the best Learning & Development information out there.

You’ll notice we still have our blog, our class calendars, our industry pages, and our company history… but did you notice:

  1. That eye-catching tile on the home page that tells you we’re one of the Training Industry’s Training Outsourcing Companies to Watch??
  2. Our new blog layout with more options to see past posts and cleaner lines and photos?
  3. Our easier-to-apply-to jobs section with current jobs and hot positions we’re recruiting for?
  4. The MS Office page with it’s new look and easy to navigate calendars of class listings?
  5. Bios and contact information on our About page for our AXIOM team are easier to see and you can reach us faster?
  6. How amazing the site looks from any device? Our site is fully adaptable for laptops, phones or tablets.

The biggest addition we’re thrilled with is on our Custom Learning Solutions page. As you know,  this is our bread and butter. While we do offer off-the-shelf classes, our main expertise is offering our customer exactly what YOU need, in the form of highly customized, technologically advanced and expert led custom solutions. We work with you, to solve the issues that you deal with on a daily basis.

This page introduces you to responsive eLearning, workflow solutions you can make your own, custom training portals and more. We love giving demos, so use our upgraded “contact us” button on any of the pages and request a demo.

We love our new site and hope you do, too!

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