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Where is your eLearning going in the next few years? Are you simplifying? Getting more creative? Relying on your own talents? Worrying about mobile learning and how to make those training materials really work anywhere?

elearningWe’ve been thinking about those things, too. Mobile learning is essential in today’s day and age and creating several versions of a training that works on a computer, an iPad or a phone is a waste of time and resources. Or worse, creating something that only works on one device! Then you are limiting when and how your learners can access and consume important – and sometimes mandatory – material.

Now, with Rise, there is a product that has found a way for you to develop one version that works on any device. And it’s easy to use and offers built-in creative elements to really make your eLearning stand out.

Articulate Rise might be the thing you are looking for.

Articulate Rise is an innovative tool that creates a great eLearning for optimal display on any device, and that happens to be very easy to use. Rise has moved away from slide-based development (think Storyline, Captivate or Lectora) and uses web page design as its inspiration. Because you build an eLearning similarly to how you would build a website, the result is rows of content that respond to any device’s size or shape. It’s a fluid rendering of your eLearning that works well anywhere.

“Articulate Rise is a web-based, fully responsive authoring app that makes it a cinch to create beautiful e-learning that’ll look perfect on any device.” www.community.articulate.com/articles

Think about it this way. You can view just about any website on any device now, and it will fit your screen. The parts move around, wide left-to-right lists become tall stacks, pictures become smaller, menus become buttons to press rather than side bars. It’s standard now to have websites that adapt to all devices.

But, if you were to think about an eLearning, what do you picture? Sitting at a computer screen, right? Have you ever thought of taking an eLearning on a phone? Or tablet? Probably not because, in the past, eLearnings have been static. They fit on a computer screen, but if you tried to view it from another device, you’d lose parts of the screen, animations may not work, or you may lose your function buttons depending on where they were.

Not anymore. With Articulate Rise your eLearnings become flexible, mobile and modern. It’s truly responsive authoring at its best.

Another great feature is they’ve built it in a way that speaks to L&D professionals. It allows us to do our jobs by creating compelling and engaging content without having to worry about user interface (UI) or screen design. It’s all built in. We’re not tech experts and that’s OK! But with Rise, an L&D professional can create an eLearning on their own with input from learners, SMEs and learning directors. Changes can be made on the fly, tests can be run with the Review feature, and collaboration is easy.elearning

Articulate is setting a new quality standard; they are ensuring that from this point forward, the web page will evolve into the new basis for eLearning development. They are doing this by simplifying the process and giving you templates and pre-created blocks that you can just drop in. You don’t need to create a quiz, you just create the questions and drop it in the quiz template. You can even use pre-made pages and just drop in your own content. This can really help if you are crunched for time, or really don’t have a ton of experience in any eLearning authoring tool.

Articulate Rise has 5 pre-built lesson types that include:

  • Quizzes (of course!)
  • Process
  • Timeline
  • Labeled graphic
  • Sorted activity

Articulate also has row-based custom-built pages (called blocks) that include:

  • 20 different ways to include text and bulleted lists
  • 8 ways to include images, including text overlay
  • Audio/video widgets
  • Pre-built accordions, tabs, flip cards and button links

This allows you to do so much for your learning program. According to the Rise website you can:

Build courses online:

Create responsive eLearning right in your web browser with Rise’s intuitive features. No extra software to download, no learning curve.

Structure courses easily:

Start with a course outline or build it on the fly. Simply drag lessons to rearrange their order.

See what you’ve built:

Preview individual lessons or your entire course before you publish to see how it’ll look to learners on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

All of this is great news for learning professionals. What’s better than simplifying a process to get quality learning materials to your staff? This is a huge step for eLearning creation! Mobile learning is the standard of the future and being able to deliver quality material should make every L&D professional do a little happy dance.

Technology changes, and so must we. How we create and deliver training is evolving, and thanks to programs like Rise, change doesn’t have to be hard.

AXIOM would like to welcome you to the Rise of the web page as the basis for eLearning.

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