Simple is Better

I try to operate under a guiding principle in instructional design: simple is better. I sometimes get overruled by others on this principle for individual courses, but I have no problem standing up for it. Lately, I’ve been surprised by how many e-Learning tools and templates use avatars, simulated voices, cartoon characters and other types […]

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CPTM Lesson 8 – Develop & Deliver Solutions

Once you’ve recognized the need for training in your organization, the thought of creating a comprehensive training program that meets all of your business goals can seem overwhelming. Breaking it down into several easily-attainable steps can take the panic out of the process. About a year ago, several members of AXIOM’s leadership team took the

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Goodbye Adobe Flash…

Adobe Flash is set to be phased out by 2020, will your company be ready? Many companies have interactive material on their website that’s driven by Flash. Or, they use the software internally for videos, how-tos, training materials and eLearning. By 2020, those things will not work anymore. What is happening? Adobe Flash will be

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Lesson 7 from our CPTM Class – Identifying Needs

If something isn’t working right in your workplace, you need to fix it. Achieving your business goals and getting your needs met is essential to success. You don’t want to spend your career patch-fixing and putting out fires! Constantly throwing resources and money at a problem without truly understanding the route cause of this issue

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Looking for an Agile Trainer!

Happy Spring! Today is officially the first day of spring and we’re prepping for another snow storm…New England, you keep us on our toes! Regardless of whether it’s spring, summer or winter’s last grip, things keep moving at AXIOM. Right now we’re looking for an Agile Trainer and some solid Instructional Designers. Do you know

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