Custom Solutions

Custom learning solutions to meet your business needs and designed with the learner in mind. Interactive and engaging training in all modalities.

Done your way to fit in with your culture, vision, style, budget, and unique needs.

What We Do

Whether you are creating new training or repurposing existing content, AXIOM can provide the following services:
  • Needs analysis & consulting
  • eLearning/video design & development
  • ILT/vILT design & development
  • Blended learning program
  • L&D project management
  • Custom training delivery

How We Do It

  • AXIOM follows a 4-phase approach: Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver
  • We pull together a team of well-seasoned L&D professionals from our network of thousands of individuals
  • We follow the ADDIE model, or if you prefer, can adapt to your process
  • We are flexible and can be brought in at any point in the process
  • Our experienced L&D project managers manage the project, leaving the worry to us, not you
  • Training is designed with the learner and your business needs in mind


In the Discover phase, AXIOM’s L&D design strategists work with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to understand your unique needs, business goals, audience, timeline, and budget


In the Design phase, AXIOM’s instructional designers create custom learning solutions for projects of any size, modality, topic, or complexity


In the Develop phase, AXIOM’s developers use the latest learning tools and technology to create programs that are interactive, engaging, and impactful


In the Deliver phase, the training is rolled out, whether via learning management system, instructor-led, or virtual instructor-led training. AXIOM has years of experience in developing and delivering Train-the-Trainer sessions which has led to our T3 best practices

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