Repurposing your Flash-based content to HTML5 rapidly and cost effectively

Do you have instructional content that has Flash embedded in it? Are you facing dissatisfaction from your learners due to Flash courses not working on their browsers?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, than it is time to convert these courses to platform- and device-agnostic learning materials.

Roadblocks you may encounter as you plan for modernization.

  • Unavailability of source files for legacy courses
  • Limited availability of Subject Matter Experts
  • Need to remain compliant with ever changing regulations and industry standards
  • Huge capital expenditure if these courses were to be developed via conventional methods
  • Concerns about meeting the roll out timelines

With AXIOM’s Flash to HTML5 conversion services, we can help you successfully navigate through these challenges.

“Understanding the Flash issues we would only continue to experience, we worked with AXIOM to convert our courses to Storyline 360.  AXIOM was professional, efficient and the best elearning developer with which we have ever worked.  We have been using third party developers since 2003 and without a doubt, AXIOM was the easiest and most proficient of them all.” – Amy, Staffing eTrainer