AXIOM offers custom learning solutions and staffing augmentation for the healthcare industry with professionals who are experienced in a variety of healthcare settings.

AXIOM provides experienced professionals who have worked in health care at major hospitals and medical centers, specialty hospitals and clinics and private practices. Our knowledge of the medical world and understanding of ever-changing healthcare processes means we can hit the ground running. Our qualified, experienced and flexible staff can work around the clock to provide support for second or third shift, and weekends and holidays.


Classes created with your environment in mind. Take a class online, in a hospital computer lab or at your own private practice.


Classes with flexibility that can be taught on the go, to large or small groups and can be adjusted as policy, procedure and laws change.

Staff Augmentation

Trained professionals added to your staff, short or long term, for help with large projects, transition of power and Project Management.

“I wanted to thank you for your patience and flexibility with regard to the many unavoidable schedule changes that have occurred during this rollout. This is an enormous project whose plan requires constant tweaking. You and your trainers have been supportive and understanding every step of the way.”

-Lorraine Fenelon, Training Coordinator, Mass. Department of Mental Health