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Most often, online classes succeed or fail based on the person leading the class, according to Kevin Siegel. 

After migrating his own course content to vILT delivery, Kevin developed a train-the-trainer program to teach how to train online, which led to the creation of the Certified Online Training Professional (COTP) program. The COTP program covers synchronous and asynchronous eLearning fundamentals, establishing instructor credibility, supporting learners in the virtual environment, and requires learners to demonstrate specific practical skills in online facilitation.

In this episode, we discuss what makes a great (and effective) online learning experience. Kevin Siegel speaks from his expertise as a Certified Technical Trainer, a Certified Master Trainer, and a Certified Online Training Professional, and his decades of experience as a technical communicator, a face-to-face and virtual trainer, e-learning developer, publisher, and keynote speaker.

Listen to the podcast here, and continue reading about this topic below.

In addition to the skills necessary to develop and lead effective online learning, there are a wide range of resources learning professionals can use for their ongoing professional development.

The directory below highlights publishers, classes, associations and other resources for the workplace learning professional.

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Directory of L&D Resources

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Professional Associations and Publications


Instructional Design Courses and Certificates

These programs and courses are generally fee-based. Details of these offerings vary broadly. You may or may not receive a certificate or digital learning credential; some courses may also provide credits for use in third-party educational programs or credential verification. Be sure to clarify with the providing organization before you enroll to ensure you understand any and all associated credentials, fees and credits.

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