Training Delivery

AXIOM’s team of instructors deliver on-site and virtual training in a wide variety of technical and professional development topics.

Through AXIOM’s one of a kind Tier-1 Partner Program, our clients always win! Our Tier-1 Partner Program provides you with an array of solutions that allow you to solve your unique business challenges. AXIOM’s approach as a hybrid managed service provider allows clients to cut expenses on finding, adding, and managing additional vendors. We travel the globe to align with the best partners and resources so our clients don’t have to.


Learning isn’t just about how best to train your participants. It’s also about how best they learn, which can mean offering training in their native language. AXIOM’s learning & development reach spans cities, countries, cultures, and languages. Allow us to partner with your learning team to translate your materials into your participants’ native language.


No matter what language you need, AXIOM can provide linguistic experts using proprietary technology that will translate your materials quickly and accurately.


The world is getting smaller and business is getting more complex. With global hiring and international offices, our businesses are filled with different cultures and languages. While you strive to treat all employees with respect, cultural differences can create unintentional mishaps. AXIOM offers classes and content in cultural diversity which can make responsibilities like assigning work tasks, managing diverse employees, and delivering performance reviews much more comfortable.


Partner with AXIOM to receive classes and coaching that educate employees and managers alike on the subtleties in communication styles, cultural behaviors, and language barriers.


Adobe Flash will be phased out in 2020… which may mean that the courses that you worked so hard to create may not be viewable by your learners. How much of your learning or training material uses Flash? Rather than losing all that work and having to recreate your materials, AXIOM can convert your materials to HTML5. We will future proof your materials and ensure they are functional for years to come with or without source files.


Minimize costs by converting old files to HTML5 rather than having to recreate everything. AXIOM’s experts will work with you to keep your materials current when Flash is phased out.


AXIOM has highly customizable learning programs on leadership and communication. We work with your team to offer customized leadership training in a variety of modalities such as instructor-led training, eLearning, and live and virtual coaching. Great workers must be inspired, encouraged, supported, and coached. AXIOM knows the value of a solid leader and can help you get there. Allow us to train your leaders to nurture their teams to be the best they can be.


Whether you are a first-time manager or a seasoned member of a leadership team, everyone should have a chance to improve their management skills. AXIOM is ready to help you coach your team to their full potential.


How are you keeping track of your training? Spreadsheets? Google docs? A one-size-fits-all LMS that isn’t meeting your needs? Don’t fall into the trap of buying a large LMS that ends up being complicated, or a waste of money because you aren’t using it to its capacity. AXIOM will design a customized learning management system built to your specifications. You get what you want, not what someone else thinks you need.


Tell us what you want and need in your dream LMS and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.