The Top 10 Salesforce Tips and Tricks for End Users

We’ve partnered with Linda Wade, a Certified Administrator, to help you, Salesforce end users, with your daily tasks. Linda also holds the following certifications: Administration Essentials, Advanced Administration and Salesforce University Certified Instructor for both Essentials and Advanced courses.

Here is a list of 10 tips that can get your on your way to feeling like an expert. Not sure you can tackle these without some context? Call us, we’ll set up a coaching session for you.

Top 10 Salesforce Tips and Tricks for end users

  • Use inline editing to make quick changes to your data…but don’t forget to Save!
  • Create list views to filter your data the way you need to run your business
  • To see everything you follow; records, files, people – navigate to your chatter Profile-Overview tab and click ‘Show All’ under the Following section
  • Unable to edit data in your List View?  Make sure you include the record type field as part of your filter criteria
  • Set your Tasks section of the Home Page to “All Open” vs “Overdue”
  • When entering numbers use the letter ‘k’ to represent numbers in thousands…such as 7k
  • Download this Chrome extension to be able to export results of a List View
  • Use the Clone button when available in order to copy records
  • Don’t own Opportunities?  Create a filter using My Opportunity Teams
  • Finding records that match more than 1 criteria?  Try using AND between your search criteria. EX: Exxon and Dallas

Follow these tips and you’re well on your way to being a successful Salesforce user.

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