Related & Enhanced Services

There are cultural, structural and resource frameworks within your organization that can either support or limit the ability of leaders to implement what they learn in a program. That’s why our practice believes in partnering with you to deliver learning solutions that reduce the impact of people problems and ensure greater success for your business strategy.

We can support you through a range of related services: Strategy Planning, Change Leadership, Executive Coaching, Peer Advisory Groups, and Assessments.


Strategy Planning

When strategy fails, it is usually tied to one of these reasons:

  • Too many initiatives
  • Underdeveloped skills in leading initiatives
  • Hiring practices that don’t attract the right skills to lead initiatives
  • Lack of cross-unit collaboration
  • Limited visibility and understanding of the strategy

Our Principal Consultants are adept at evaluating strategies, architecting cultures, and aligning structures, resources, and people to support successful strategy execution. We’ll assist you in assessing leader strengths and capabilities and developing a plan to optimize those strengths.

Change Leadership

Shifting culture works better than trying to change it because organizational culture tends to preserve the status quo by absorbing and neutralizing change efforts. With a sound strategy in place, our Principal Consultants can assist you in developing a change and communications strategy to effectively support change awareness and adoption. When combined with the Program Effectiveness Map, our Principal Consultants work with you to develop a framework for change that effectively shifts the culture and ensures learning program outcomes.

Executive Coaching

Behavior changes and skill development takes time. A blended approach to achieving your strategy includes executive coaching at the individual or team level. Our Principal and Senior Consultants are ready to support you and your organization in elevating your game.

Peer Advisory Groups

Many large organizations use Affinity Groups or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. These groups enable employees to come together and build connections, bolstering communication and collaboration. They can also improve retention and reduce turnover costs.  AXIOM’s peer advisory group model can be applied within an organization with established affinity groups, help to establish these groups, or serve as a professional development and networking opportunity for people across multiple, non-competing organizations.


AXIOM’s Strategy & Leadership Practice offers a variety of individual, team, and organizational assessments to create a baseline for improvement, evaluate leader capabilities and opportunities for development, or better understand your organizational current state and what resources or supports are needed to get you where you’re going. There are thousands of varieties of assessments: our experts are ready to guide you in selecting and integrating the best assessments for your desired outcomes.

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