ATD Membership Benefits, They are Worth it!

Are you a member of ATD? Have you considered it? ATD has a lot of member benefits that Learning & Development professionals can use.

Join ATD Bay Colonies Today!

First, there’s the obvious. Discounts on events! Who doesn’t like to save some cash?

The Associate for Talent Development offers diverse events throughout the country (and world!) that you can attend to network and learn with like-minded individuals. Las Vegas, Washington DC, Tampa, San Diego, just pick your destination and book your trip. Members get a chance to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and learn about the most up and coming trends coming out of learning and development.Join the ATD Greater Boston Chapter today!

Not a traveler? ATD offers interesting webinars like:

Developing the Middle: A Strategic Initiative at University Health System with Jacque Burandt on Friday, November 4, at 4 pm


Struggling With Senior Leader Buy-In? Cue the Manager Makeover with Gary Magenta on Tuesday, November 15, at 2 p.m.

The ATD website has a great Member Library with “an exclusive selection of content curated by our subject matter experts exclusively for ATD members”. Knowledge sharing at its best.

Consider a membership, and if you still aren’t sure, Peter or Jason in our office are both board members and would be happy to talk more with you about the benefits of a membership. Peter is on the Bay Colonies Chapter board (Rhode Island) and Jason is on the Greater Boston board.

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