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AXIOM’s partnerships are cultivated with our customers and clients in mind. How can we give you the best learning and development experience? By partnering with the best.

Mike Vikdal - Auslyn Group, IT, ITIL We’ve recently begun working with Mike Vikdal, president of the Auslyn Group. His expertise lies in IT Service Management practices including IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), IT Governance (COBIT), experiential learning, team building through hands on simulation and consulting services for IT.

This allows AXIOM to tackle even your most specific IT project. We partner with the experts, and you benefit.

Auslyn Group, like AXIOM, offers several ways clients can take training. This blends with AXIOM’s belief that customized training to fit your specific needs is the best way to make sure you get the best ROI.

Auslyn Group has Open Enrollment classes that cover all aspects of ITIL courses such as the Foundations, Service Design, Service Operations, DevOps Fundamentals, Operational Support & Analysis, DevOps Fundamentals and more. Anyone can take these classes so check them out!

They also offer on-site courses dedicated to area of Organizational Transformation and Organizational Change Management that you can bring on campus for your group. Not sure you want a class that’s already created? Check out the Consulting Services section on Auslyn Group’s website:

“Pending the needs of your organization, we can provide short-term engagement and also work with you on long-term strategic initiatives.”

AXIOM is proud to partner with Mike and Auslyn Group. Contact us to set up a call so we can get all your needs taken care of.

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