The Gig Economy, What is it and How AXIOM Can Help

What is the “gig” economy? Are you part of it? Will you be?

More and more people are starting to value the flexibility of freelance, or accepting whatever ‘gigs’ come along. According to a Boston Globe article from August 2016, by 2020, as much as 40% of the work force will be enjoying this alternative career path.

Check out Gig News Today for great information about how to take advantage of this shift. Mike Hammer of was downsized himself and has been navigating this new world for more than a decade.

Gig economy pyramid

Hammer says that many lower level jobs have been replaced by technology and won’t return. This is pushing our work force into becoming independent professionals, freelancers or contractors.

This non-traditional shift can be a really good thing. Especially for companies like AXIOM. Our main objective is to provide you with a workforce extension so you can meet your business objectives and goals..

We’ve got a lot of great talent looking for their next ‘gig’!

One of our many specialties is placing the right talent into your organization to manage your Instructional Design needs. Our expert IDs create high-quality, engaging curricula for instructor-led, eLearning, gamification, mobile learning, micro-learning, and blended approaches. As a top learning professional services firm, our number one goal is to maximize training ROI by aligning training objectives with your company’s business goals and strategies.

AXIOM Learning Solutions is a top-rated learning professional services firm providing best-in-class instructional design and development talent and services based on classical instructional design models, including ADDIE, SAM, and AGILE.

Our talent is thoroughly screened and vetted and we only place people in your group that we’re proud to work with ourselves. We take your ‘gigs’ seriously and will work with you throughout the entire process. If you feel this is a direction your organization is going in, let AXIOM guide you through.

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