Happy New Year! What’s in store? Find out here!

Happy New Year! Is anyone else a little shocked that we’re all back to work after what felt like a very fast holiday? How many of you have written 2016 on docs, checks, or forms? It takes a little adjusting! 

Luckily, this is a short week and we can spend a day or two catching up and gearing up for what’s next. After a great ‘2017 kick-off meeting” at AXIOM this morning we’re excited, motivated and thrilled for what’s next. Our goals are reachable, our staff is fired up and our plans are rock solid.

We have new jobs to recruit for, new projects to staff, new blogs to write, new emails to send and most importantly, a new website to share! We’re working out the final kinks right now and will be announcing the official launch within the next few days. You’ll love it: it’s easy to read, easy to sign up for classes and easy to apply for your next adventure.

As usual, we always have open MS Office classes for you to take virtually, and offer personalized classes that you can take with a group in your own office. We will be updating our jobs page with new jobs for 2017, and promise to keep the blog rolling with AXIOM info, industry trends and knowledge to keep you informed.

We have some events coming up and would love to see you there.  Can’t make an in-person event? Jump in on a webinar!

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Looking forward to a great 2017, and wish you all the best!

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