Augmented Reality in the Learning World

Imagine leaving your office to head to a class on safety procedures in a manufacturing warehouse. Do you head to a classroom, or do you head to the manufacturing floor, put on a virtual reality headset, and walk through the room answering live questions via augmented reality on what procedures should be followed based on what you’re looking at?

One is past, one is future. Now, think about which is going to be more impactful, more engaging, and more likely to be remembered.

Technology is everywhere now, so why not in the learning world? Learning and Development is an essential part of the work world today and professionals, like those of us at AXIOM, are staying on top of the latest innovations. We know that adult learning must be fast paced, impactful, engaging and relevant and there’s no better way than incorporating some of the latest tech tools into your curriculum.

Augmented reality is coming to the learning world and AXIOM is ready. We have partnered with an amazing company called CrossTrainer Learning and they have some of the latest technology at their fingertips. We’ve walked our offices with an iPad that could tell us things about what we’re viewing through the iPad camera, and we’ve played with interactive PDFs on a screen in the conference room.

We were engaged and it wasn’t even material relevant to us!

Using these types of trainings can really bump your learning program to the next level. They can provide tips, tricks and assessments while people are actually working. They can report answers to questions on an interactive PDFs right back to your LMS, and they can send mini-check-ins or flashes of information directly to your phone.

These can work for any size or type of company. If you have a large manual labor force, the virtual reality headset can teach new job skills right on site. If you have a remote sales staff, they will get the latest on their products sent right to their phones. And for your learning department? Everything is linked back to an LMS, so you know exactly where everyone stands with their assessments, assignments and skills.

Through our partnerships and commitment to the changing learning world, we are able to provide these new learning methods, and more. Let us know what you think about this technology trends!

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