Talent Resources…Can they Benefit you?

As a Learning & Development firm with a strong staffing augmentation department, we answer this question all the time: Why use contracted talent when you might have resources internally who can do the job?

We see why your first step might be to go internally. The people you may use know the company, the culture and the material. They are right there, sitting beside you, parking next to you and waving to you in the cafeteria. And, they are free, but are they?

If you are taking time and resources away from a specific job in-house in order to do a new project, are you really saving money? What about the original duties of this person? Will they be completed? If they are spending too much time on this new project, something must be falling off their plate. This could mean other projects or responsibilities are not being completed. That may very well COST the company money.

What’s our answer to that question? Use contract talent because you can SAVE money. Do you know how much it costs for your HR department to go through a full hiring cycle? How much insurance and payroll costs can add up to? How much per hour an employee is paid yearly? Those are all big costs for one project.

What if you only had to hire someone for a short period of time, didn’t have to worry about insurance and vacation pay, and could have them strictly focus on one project. No worries about them getting pulled into other meetings, being assigned new duties from cross-functional managers, or getting caught up in company politics.

This person is dedicated to one thing. Completing a single project…and making you happy!

Another bonus, you are hiring an expert in their field. This person is dedicated to the specific need you have. Whether it be Instructional Design, Training Session Planning, Advanced IT training, or eLearning design, the person you contract through AXIOM will be the best person for the job. It’s what they do, and they are experts at it. There’s no ramp up time, no division of duties, no lag time for the last project to finish, they come right in and get to work. And with AXIOM’s stringent vetting process, we can assure you are getting the best person for the job.

Once the project is done, your budget hit is, too. Next time you consider hiring a full time person to complete a project (or two) take a look at the big picture and ask yourself…could contracted talent benefit me?

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