A Custom Learning Solution for you

One-size never fits all. Even those knit gloves you find in every store this time of year, they all say one-size-fits-all…but what fits my 6-year-old will not fit me! Why would your learning program be any different? Not only will something that works for your company not work for another, but something that works for one subset of your learners may not work for them all either.

AXIOM knows this and has been living it for years. We take pride in creating custom programs for our clients that work specifically for them. Each project starts from the ground up and is built hand in hand with our clients. From the initial sales call, to the post-project follow up. Yes, we even check in after things are done to make sure they were successful!

It’s why our clients trust us and enjoy working with us. We come to each client with a clean slate and enjoy the process of building something that uniquely works for you.

We’ve made some updates to our website this fall, and one of the biggest things we did was to create a new Custom Learning Solutions page. This is a great resource for anyone thinking about creating a new learning program. You can see the different options we have, how we work, and how we’ll work together.

We use a 4-D approach: Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver. Each of these buckets is designed to be flexible so we can build a plan with your business goals in mind. We can step in at any stage. If you have content you believe in and just need help delivering it, we can do that. If you have content designed in theory, but need more development before delivery, we can do that, too! And of course, we can start at the very beginning if you need it.

Custom solutions are all about making the most of your needs, and getting you to hit that business goal. Check out our new website page and see what we’re all about!

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