ATD NEAC, Another Success!

The AXIOM team had a great time at this year’s ATD New England Area Conference! We have to say, it was another success! The topics, the people, the vendors…it all came together for two days of learning that people will be talking about for months.

ATD NEACWe were impressed with the sessions, the tracks and most importantly, the keynotes! The rooms were packed for both the opening and closing  speakers.

Katrina Marie Baker from Adobe kicked us off with a great talk centering around the conference theme of blended learning called, “Blend Like a Pro: Key Ingredients for Blended Learning”. There were tips, tricks, shared research, and even a chef’s hat! Katrina really got the crowd going and set the tone for an energetic day.

Will Thalheimer closed us out by delivering his speech, “Innovations in Learning Evaluation: Two Breakthroughs Primed to Change Everything” to another packed room at the end of the day. Evaluating your learning can be tricky, Will gave us a lot of great advice on how to measure success in your learning programs.

Here’s a great summation of the event by our very own Peter Ward, who also was a volunteer for this event.

“Another successful ATD New England Area Conference in the books! The theme ~ Blended Learning: Mixing People & Technology ~ resonated throughout. The opening keynote, Katrina Marie Baker, dressed in a chef’s hat and smock, shared provocative ideas, tips and tricks that got the blended journey off to a great start! The sessions were excellent and showcased a blend of game based learning, social learning, the future of adaptive learning, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality and an incredible estimating tool for a blended curriculum.

The networking Thursday night and conversations between sessions was electric, blended (of course) with great ideas shared and new relationships formed. And it was all brought together as our closing keynote, Will Thalheimer, took us on a deep dive into Learning Evaluations introducing innovations in the way we measure what people learn.

What’s next? 2020! Envision the Future of Talent Development – Techniques, Technologies and Transformations for the Decade Ahead.”

Thanks Peter!

We can’t wait to reach out to all our new friends and contacts that we met last week. There’s a lot of learning to be done and we can’t wait to get started!

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