August News and Notes: Events, Classes & More!

Summer is really hitting AXIOM! We’ve got a lot going on, but many of us are taking some well needed vacation time, too! We hope you have some time to relax, while looking forward to events and classes in the fall, too.

After last month’s successful joint ATD meeting at Jack’s Abbey, ATD Central MA, Greater Boston and Bay Colonies are coming together again for a night of networking and learning! There are 2 topics and they’ll be held September 20 at 6 pm at the FM Global Learning Center in Norwood, MA. Seats are available for these events, we hope to see you there!Assn. for Talent Development Joint Events for September

Be a Star Facilitator: Engagement through Active Learning

“What does being a star facilitator look like? Imagine an active learning environment where the group is engaged, collaborating and applying their new knowledge to further develop their skills. Active learning directly involves students in the learning process while fostering creativity and critical thinking.”

“Learning & Laughing: Using Humor to Create More Effective Training Content”

“We are fortunate to have Geoff Wolliner of Winning Wit who will join us to share his expertise in using humor in training presentations. Geoff is a longtime stand-up comedian and an expert presenter. He has worked with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, private groups, and individuals across every industry to help make their presentation content exciting.”

FM Global is hosting another great event we hope to attend next week. The 2017 Skillsoft Northeast Perspectives will be held on August 29 from 9 am to 4 pm.

“During this interactive session, you will have an opportunity to tour and experience FM Global’s active learning and connected classrooms, collaboration space, and experiential learning labs. “

The end of August and start of school may be busy on the home front but sometimes work can slow down.  Take advantage of some free time by checking out our open MS Office classes.  These are 90 minute events, a live instructor and online wherever you are. We have classes through the rest of August, September and October!

Jobs, events and more

Looking for a new contracting position? We have open jobs right now that we’d love to fill, take a look and if you’re not the right fit, send this link along to someone who is! We do have other open positions, so check out our website, we’re always updating it!  If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us anyway. We’re happy to meet qualified candidates with a wide range of skills.

On a personal note, our very own Dave Franco finished the Falmouth Road Race this Sunday! This 7 mile Cape Cod race leads runners through a scenic course with gorgeous views of the Atlantic. Congratulations Dave, it was a great day for a run!Great events, road races!

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