Congratulations to our AXIOM Athletes!

We’d like to use a blog post to recognize some of the personal accomplishments of our AXIOM teammates and highlight future endeavors. So…Congratulations to Tammy Sena for completing a 5K this weekend…in the FREEZING cold!

And, for another year, Peter Ward has committed to riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge this summer!

The race Tammy completed was called the Celtic 5k and was held Sunday, March 12. This race happens every year before the Worcester St. Patrick’s Day Parade. From Tammy:

“I am a member of Cupcakes Anonymous (a Fitness Training Group) which is a women’s group started by a friend who battled with her weight and through a lot of effort and dedication, she was able to transform her body and overall lifestyle.

She now shares her journey and this Facebook group allows women to share nutrition, exercise and most importantly support.

The key to the success in this group is the constant support from the entire network of Cupcakes.

This 5K is just one example of multiple events that we do as a team.

This was my 2nd 5K and I have signed up for a few more later this year.”

Thanks Tammy, and we love the AXIOM hat!

In all this snow it’s hard to think about summer but Peter Ward is already greasing up his bicycle wheels for the 38th Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), the nation’s largest sports fundraising event raising money for research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI).

“I ride in memory of my Mother who passed away in July 2012 after a long battle with Ovarian cancer and for countless friends and family.”

This race is 200 miles in August and is designed to raise awareness and money for people battling cancer.

Peter has told us, “This year several people are on my mind as I train, raise money and ride the 200 mile trek this summer.  They, like so many others, are in the heat of battle dealing with cancer as it effects themselves, loved ones and people in their community. Hearing what they endure and knowing the pain is deep brings me back every year. I encourage you to do something too – raise awareness, donate money, give time or even visit someone battling cancer. It makes a difference!”

Here’s a link to Peter’s profile where you can donate and see some pictures from races past.

We’ll be keeping you updated on Peter’s progress, other community events that Tammy’s “Cupcakes Anonymous” group will be involved in, and any other charity or community events the rest of the AXIOM team will be joining in on.

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