We did it! AXIOM senior employees have completed the CPTM class through Training Industry this week and we’re bursting with knowledge!

“Great course.  The practicum was extremely helpful tying the online modules with actual examples,” said Brad Mayo.

CPTM (Certified Professional in Training Management) is a class offered by Training Industry for learning professionals to “earn a specialized credential focused on the role of the business leader and the skills needed to manage business and training performance. You will gain new tools and abilities to demonstrate your expertise in training management and to push your career in training and development to the next level.”

“After completing the CPTM course, I have a great appreciation for the level of effort it takes for a training manager to be successful. Training managers need to be effective listeners, good communicators and a trusted partner within the business in order to strategically align the training programs to the business goals,” said Tammy Sena.

We all still have to pass the final exam, but the class has prepared us so well, we’re not even worried about it. We can’t wait to put letters after our names in signatures and pass this knowledge on to you, our valued clients.

“CPTM is an exciting experience! The perspective of the Training Manager is so important when we consult and support our clients with solutions. Understanding what they go through and what is important to them and the companies they work for is paramount when servicing to the best of our abilities,” said Peter Ward. “This is personal development at its best!”

We’ve learned so much that we’re going to turn our knowledge into a blog series. Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about specific topics we discussed and learned about like:

  • Core Responsibilities of a Training Manager
  • Capabilities of a Great Training Organization
  • Strategic Alignment and why it’s so Important
  • Are you Learner-Centric or Business-Centric

And more!

This class really made us think and flew by. As training professionals, we can be extra critical of what makes a class great, what makes a program successful, what works and…what doesn’t. What will bore people? What will cause people to tune out? We know this stuff and can tell you with confidence, this training was well worth it, kept all of us engaged and reinforced material in a way that we know we’ll be able to use it immediately and for the long run.

“I thought taking a training via webcam and computer audio would be really difficult to follow along and stay engaged. But our instructor Dan kept us motivated, stayed on track and it was nice to see the people we were in class with across the country when they spoke up,” said Stacy Brinegar.

We loved this class and our two guest speakers, Kathryn Connolly and Doug Harward were incredibly motivating and offered excellent perspectives from real world examples.

“I’ve been working in the L&D industry for 20 years, but there’s always more to learn, and CPTM has been a great learning experience.  Looking forward to applying this knowledge in my day-to-day work,” said Dave Franco.

Thank you Training Industry! And we’ll keep you updated when we all pass our tests!


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