FREE Webinar: How to Build a Culture that Supports Emerging Female Leaders

AXIOM’s partner Karen Hinds from Workplace Success Group has a great series of webinars focused on creating productive and admired leaders withinKaren Hinds, creating leaders in your workplace your organization. Through speaking engagements, customized classes, webinars and coaching initiatives, Karen helps businesses that are committed to developing the next generation of leaders.

Each month Karen offers a free webinar that you can register for at any time. Her monthly series is not a package deal so you can join in on some and skip others and you won’t miss a thing. Pick a subject that works for you and register now! The next webinar is March 23 and is called:

How to Build a Culture that Supports Emerging Female Leaders

Here’s the description:

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to develop and support more female leaders in their workplace. Developing more female leaders sometimes raises challenges and questions for organizations in terms of how they can support, train, and develop them as their needs are often different from male leaders. This webinar will provide useful strategies that have proven useful for female leadership development.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to break through barriers that hinder female leadership development
  • 5 things senior leaders can do to create a welcoming environment
  • 5 steps to take now if you are an emerging female leader

We hope you enjoy this month’s webinar from Karen. Please comment if you attend and tell us what you think!

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