Happy Holidays! December News and Notes

It’s that time of year again! It can get a little crazy, but the holidays can also be a great time to look back on what you’ve accomplished for the year, and set a few goals for the next one.

AXIOM had another great year with many exciting things happening: awards, shows, new hires, new projects, new clients and friends and more. It’s hard to think of just a few things we’re proud of in 2018!

Here are some highlights we remember from the past year as 2018 comes to a close.

  • We had a really fun article published in the Training Industry’s July/August magazine, called “The Learning Smoothie” that talks about how customizing your learning program is just as personal – and essential – as making your own breakfast shake.
  • Back in the spring we welcomed Tony Jordan to the team, and we can’t imagine life in the finance office without him!
  • We updated our website, and added a few new sections on our Custom Learning Solutions, our new “4D” design process, and a page to showcase the many other types of learning programs we can offer.
  • We attended (and sponsored) some great shows last year and met so many creative and fun people! It’s great to make a new connection or get new business through such fun events. Read the recap on our blog!
  • We finished up our series on how much we learned in our CPTM class, and how even over a year later, we’re still using the lessons in our strategy sessions with clients! It was such a hit, the Training Industry has asked us to write up a single article based on this series… stay tuned, it comes out in early 2019!
  • Congratulations go out to Peter Ward for completing yet ANOTHER Pan-Mass Challenge! Peter runs in honor of his mother and we cheer him on every year. Great job Peter!
  • AXIOM was honored with being named to not only one, but TWO Watch Lists in 2018 by the Training Industry! The AXIOM team is so proud to be on the watch lists for IT Training and Outsourcing. Read on for more:
  • And the last thing we really wanted to remember this year was bittersweet. We lost a friend this year, and found it best to honor him with an award in his name. AXIOM has announced the first annual JD Davis Memorial Award for Consultant of the Year. We chose Michael Gaab for his outstanding work on a long term project he was on from March through July of last year. A donation was made to the family in Michael’s name and from now on, each year we’ll donate to a learning charity in JD’s name. We’re proud to honor JD this way!

We hope you had as wonderful a year as we did! Looking forward to 2019! (But not before a nice little holiday break!)

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