How Could Custom Solutions Help Meet your Goals?

Custom SolutionsThere’s something to be said about having a completely customized learning solution crafted with a learning partner whose only goal is to help you meet yours!

You may think that’s out of reach, or out of budget… but it’s not as unattainable as you think. Hiring a learning and development firm to assemble a team that will build your custom solution is not all that far off from directly hiring a contractor to do the work for you. There are benefits to either approach… and AXIOM can help you with both!

We can place the right contractor on your team and let you manage the work, or, we create a team for you and manage the project from start to finish. We can even step in at any point along the way. Maybe your team needs some encouragement to think about things in a different way after you hit a plateau. Or, maybe part of what you need is a new technology that your group isn’t familiar with. This is why a custom solutions team that is selected specifically to meet your needs would be a great idea.

A custom solution works with your business’s ebbs and flows by filling a gap that internal resources cannot cover. It is useful when there is a training need that has not been properly resourced ahead of time, or if a project comes up unexpectedly after resource planning has already been done.

Custom projects tend to be fixed price, so if a deliverable is out for review, for example, you need not be concerned with filling the instructional designer’s time like you would if you hired a contractor. Also, the arduous and time-consuming task of recruiting, interviewing, and on-boarding the right talent falls on us. We do that for you by putting together a team of experienced L&D people, including a project manager, IDs, and developers, who work together cohesively to meet the project goals and outcomes.

Keep in mind, if the custom route is not what you’re looking for, our staff augmentation arm will work with you to find the right person to fit into your team.

Our network consists of experts in designing and developing all types of training programs including curriculum roadmaps, instructor-led training, eLearning, blended learning, reference materials, and virtual ILTs.

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