How is Influence Achieved in the Workplace?

We are so proud of our partners, colleagues and friends in the Learning & Development world. They do great things! They write books, influence decisions, teach skills that make companies successful, speak at conferences and remind us all that there’s nothing more important than life-long learning.

Our AXIOM friend Eric Bloom is writing a book, “Office Influence: Get What you Want, From the Mailroom to the Boardroom”. Eric is a great resource for us when we have clients looking for management and leadership training; he really knows his stuff!

He’s heavily into the research portion of the book writing process now and is asking for some help. And we are glad to do it! We are asking you, our network, to share some of your knowledge with Eric.

Please participate in this 5 to 10 minute survey to help understand how influence is achieved within the workplace.

As a thank you, you will receive a free copy of the book “Office Influence: Get What You Want, From the Mailroom to the Boardroom, written by Eric Bloom, when published this spring!

You will be asked your opinion on the importance of 67 different business skills, personal attributes, and other business factors in the ability to influencing others in the workplace.  Your answers will be anonymous and added to their body of research on office influence.

Please click below for further instructions.

Office Influence Survey

Thank you!

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