How is your Epic Project Going?

If you work in the healthcare field, you’ve probably heard of, or you may currently use, Epic. You may even be in the middle of an upgrade or a complete company-wide integration.

Epic software

Per Epic’s website and they are a worldwide healthcare system designed to “help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier” by creating electronic health records that will follow you anywhere. Epic allows your health story to be entirely in one place, making a routine visit, an emergency visit or an elective visit to a healthcare professional much more efficient.

This is great but is robust! When you have a system that can do things like manage patient care for many years and through many doctor changes, has modules for dozens of health specialties, helps manage billing and revenue cycles and supports all kind of insurance and even works on mobile devices, must be huge!

Adopting Epic is a major project… one which AXIOM is well-versed in and will work with you from start to finish.

We have a network of certified and credentialed Epic consultants, strategists, instructional designers, trainers, coordinators, and PMs who have worked with Epic for years. They know there is a complex relationship between Epic’s application modules and the vast array of workflows and technologies that are impacted by an Epic installation across your organization.

They know it so well, they can jump in right at the start, or can assist in any phase of the project. So if you are pre-planning, designing, delivering, supporting or coaching, our experts can offer you the best support for whatever stage you are on within your project.

We’ve found that sometimes the hardest part of the project can be when everything is installed and your system is live. You may need an expert to guide your organization through this transition and create a plan for long-term success. This can include things like supporting your help desk system, ensuring new hires are on-boarded, and current employees are getting the support they need. Epic updates can be managed, and both long and short-term communication plans for business and clinical staff can be mapped out.

Nothing is more important than your patients’ health! Epic is a great way to offer the best support to the people you care for, and partnering with AXIOM is a great way to ensure success.

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