I Took an AXIOM Class, Have You?

AXIOM offers unlimited options when it comes to Custom Learning Solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to come to you, and create the program you need. Nothing is canned! It’s all unique to you.

But, did you know we do offer off-the-shelf classes for MS Office applications? That anyone can take? These are classes we offer in partnership with Elert and the calendars are up on our website. They are taught remotely by live instructors on a host of different topics and ability levels.

I had the pleasure of taking one of their newest classes yesterday, Intro to Windows 10. My instructor was Deb, and she was great! The class was small, only about 5 of us, so Deb made it very clear that she wanted to hear from us and she wanted this to be an interactive class. As if we were sitting in a classroom with her.

We were encouraged to ask questions anytime, and she checked in on us frequently. We were permitted to just jump in using our mics, or we could use the chat feature. There was another Elert representative there who was monitoring chat to see our questions.

The agenda was clearly defined and Deb did a great job sticking to it. We started with some Windows background information, moved into what was different from the last version to this one, and then started learning new skills.

The pace was perfect; I believe that if we needed more help Deb would have slowed down and I could tell that she was moving at a faster pace during some easier skills because no one paused to ask questions.

I learned a lot in this class, and never once felt ‘disconnected’ because I was not looking at her in person. Online classes can be hit or miss because you are not face to face. But this class was done well!

Kudos to Deb for a great class where I learned a lot!

If you are interested in checking out other topics (anything from Microsoft! There’s Excel, Powerpoint, Word, OneNote, Sharepoint, Outlook, etc.) and we have class schedules available through September.

These classes are 90 minutes (this one flew by!), taught by live instructors and are designed to be interactive. We highly recommend them!

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