JD Davis Memorial Award – Consultant of the Year

Losing a friend is never easy. This spring, AXIOM lost a valued member of our team and we have been thinking of ways to honor him for the last few months.

In memory of our friend, colleague and exceptional trainer, AXIOM is pleased to announce the first annual “JD Davis Memorial Award for Consultant of the Year”.

JD Davis was a great consultant and there was never a shortage of kind words about him. We have heard from our clients who had the pleasure of working with JD about his “patience, understanding and care”, how “wonderful and kind” he was, and how our customers “greatly appreciate him as a valued extension of our team and hope other companies are as lucky as us to have somebody like JD”.

This award will be given out to the consultant we feel has exemplified the positive qualities that AXIOM is known for: honesty, trust, hard work, integrity and industry knowledge.

This year, JD was on a large project with 25 other trainers. We chose a colleague of JD’s who consistently rose above and beyond in his daily job. We were proud to give this award to a fellow consultant who mirrored JD’s positive qualities.

Our first winner is Michael Gaab!

Michael was a breeze to work with from the first day of the Train-the-Trainer. Always the professional, Michael traveled throughout the country for more than 3 months managing a new software roll-out to several financial branches of a larger organization.

Michael was engaging, thoughtful, exceptionally well-informed and frequently went above and beyond to make sure his branches were fully up to speed on the new software. Here’s a great quote from one of the branch managers: “His people skills and knowledge base have made him a great resource for us and he was a huge factor in the success of the  roll-out. We felt really fortunate to be working with him again and I just wanted to let you know that!”

Part of this award is AXIOM’s commitment to donating to a charity that supports the learning world.  This year the donation will be made in Michael’s name. In the future, each year’s donation will be made in the name of our most recent award recipient.

Thank you JD for being you, and showing us all how much of a difference a professional contractor can make in so many lives.

Congratulations to Michael, we can’t think of a more deserving friend and colleague!

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