“Leadership in the L&D World” on the Training Industry Blog

Another great day for AXIOM! We’ve been published on the Training Industry’s blog page!

Training Industry

We wrote an article called, “Leadership in the L & D World“, but realized that this can apply to many different industries. Since we create custom training programs for any type of company, this leadership article is something we hope to share with many of our respected clients.

What makes a great leader? Compassion, skill, business acumen, toughness, understanding… and much more. A great leader is not just born, but along the way, formed. As a learning and development organization, we firmly believe that learning HOW to be a good leader is also essential. Whether it’s formal classes, on-the-job learning, social learning, mentoring, or webinars, good leaders know when they need to improve themselves through learning.

Read on to hear more of what we had to say!

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