What we Learned through CPTM, Lesson 1

As you know, AXIOM senior members went through the Training Industry’s CPTM class in June. We are now Certified Professional Training Managers!What we learned through CPTM

It was a great class and we learned so much. Many of us are using our skills on the job and seeing real results already. The impact of this class was immediate! We’re excited about the future and how we can grow our business even more with these new skills.

We want to share our wisdom with you, so we’re going to break down what we learned from each of the 9 lessons that we completed before the class.

Lesson 1 was an introduction to the program and a history lesson on the training industry and how it’s evolved over the last century.

We were walked through the Industrial Revolution, the Post-War Boom, the Civil Rights Movement, the Information Technology Revolution, Global Economy and now, the Mobile and Social Technologies era. Each of these times provided specific changes in the training industry and how people created, lead and accepted training. On-the-job training became important during the Industrial Revolution,  personal leadership thrived throughout the Civil Rights Movement and the speed at which we can administer and conduct training now, during this Mobile age, was unheard of just a few short years ago.

We learned why training is done (patting ourselves on the back here but we sort of already knew how important it was!). It’s used to increase revenue, reduce costs, and minimize risks. We got deeper into each of those topics throughout the lessons.

We talked a lot about a training manager’s role and why learning leadership is important (hint…strategically align yourself with the company’s business goals and you make yourself a training leader, not just a manager!)

A training manager has 7 core responsibilities, and this course taught us how to do them all:

  • Create Strategic Alignment
  • Perform Analysis to Identify Needs
  • Select and Manage Resources
  • Optimize Process
  • Leverage Technology for Knowledge Transfer
  • Develop and Deliver Solutions that Drive Performance
  • Assess Business and Training Performance

We’ll get into what we learned for each of these 7 categories. We can’t say enough how great this program was and we highly recommend it to anyone in this industry!

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