Learning in all Languages: Translating your Learning Programs

We’ve been published! Again! 😉 Thank you to Training Industry for publishing our article on why translation services are important in the L&D world!

AXIOM’s reach into the training world spans cities, countries, time zones and languages. We are proud to have clients in Europe and partners in India. What we’ve learned as we grow is that learning isn’t just about how best to teach your participants, it’s also about how best to reach your business goals through training. And sometimes that means teaching in a different language.

Learning in all Languages: Translating your Learning Programs

We work with global companies that want their employees on the same page. Sending out an English-only eLearning to your staff in Germany, or a Quick Reference Guide in English to your Brazilian office isn’t the best way to reach your goals. Making sure your training is in the language of your learners is a big step in training success.

We wrote this article about how the training industry is seeing a lot of money being spent on translation services. Most companies don’t have an in-house translator, or linguistic expert to make sure all training materials are  in the right language, the right dialect and using the right local terminology.

So, we encourage you to call us at AXIOM and allow us to become your translation partner. We have experts that will make sure all your materials are translated quickly, professionally and accurately.

Read our article on the Training Industry’s website on how important these services can be!

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