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We recently launched a new page on our website… our “More Services” page. We’d love for you to check it out!

You know we’re a learning and development firm that specializes in custom solutions and staff augmentation, but that’s just the beginning. We also offer instructor-led training, design and development services, and more. And that’s where the “More Services” page comes in.

Some of these services are offered individually and some may be used within your custom learning project.

For example, maybe you’re in the middle of a large scale roll-out for a worldwide company that needs to train retail employees in several countries. You may need to offer that training in a language other than English. Part of AXIOM’s “More Services” include translation services. Your training can be designed, developed and delivered by AXIOM, in any language you need and there’s no need for another vendor.

A great example of something we can help with in a more ‘one-off’ situation is our classroom facilities. If you need a place to meet and train but don’t have the space in your own office, we can help! We have virtual classrooms and a network of physical spaces that we can arrange for you.

We can offer leadership and management training as needed, we have cultural diversity programs, and we can even offer you a place to put all your valuable training material with a custom LMS that fits your needs.

Large or small, AXIOM is equipped to help you with many of your learning and development requirements.

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