New Book! “Great idea! And… Helping Others Learn to see the Beauty in your Ideas”

We have such talented friends and colleagues! Deb Wild, a friend of AXIOM has published a new book and we’re happy to share it with you. It’s her first book and we wish her the best of luck!

Great Idea book author Deb Wild

The book, Great Idea! And… Helping others learn to see the beauty in your ideas, is a great step by step process for introducing new ideas and encouraging collaboration for managers and employees alike.

“You get a great idea at work. It would make you and others look good. You try to run your idea by a boss or colleague who needs to have a stake in it. But instead of wild enthusiasm, the stakeholder pushes back — or you get no response at all. You give up on the idea. Why did this happen?” Wild answers this question and more in her debut guide.

Here’s a hint… change is hard!

“Ideas connote change,” says Wild. “Change, even the good kind, can be intense. No matter how solid your ideas may be, others may resist if they aren’t ready to see the beauty in them.”

As an instructional designer, Wild delivers hands-on learning experiences for the corporate, nonprofit, government, education and international sectors. She believes that new ideas are received by others as feedback which can be construed as criticism. Deb’s process teaches how to share ideas in sensitive, inspiring ways that invite stakeholders to see the beauty inside of them. The book includes worksheets for readers to map out their own plans for presenting their ideas.

Deb designs and delivers “hands on” learning experiences for the corporate, nonprofit, government, education, and international sectors. Her clients include the Peace Corps, FDIC, Northwest Area Foundation, Youth Service America, Battelle, Fidelity Investments,, several software and pharmaceutical companies, and organization development consulting firms.

Deb encourages adults to inspire themselves and each other, to take risks, and to appreciate that mistakes are helpful when people endeavor to learn from them.

The book will be available on Amazon next week! Contact AXIOM if you have any questions!

Congratulations Deb! We wish you the best!

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