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The Training industry recently completed a survey of CPTMs across the country on what could be improved upon in the program. Almost everyone here at AXIOM is a Certified Professional Training Manager and we use these skills in our daily work. To hear that more resources may be coming was really exciting.

The survey focused on alumni benefits and programs for CPTMs to network, exchange ideas, keep their certification current and share resources. The results were very positive! According to the Training Industry, the program is doing well and has only a few areas of improvement:

  1. Recertification process
  2. Roundtables
  3. Upskilling through continuing education

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the Training Industry is going to do with the feedback they received:

Recertification Process

Training Industry has created a digital form for recertification renewals. You can track all of your recertification activities in this form, and once you reach 24 recertification hours, you can submit your recertification form.


Training Industry will create roundtables in areas that CPTMs mentioned they felt lacked information.

Below are topics that were suggested for future roundtables:

  • Designing programs around a mixed workforce
  • Program development for customer training
  • Future technology in L&D
  • Budget strategies
  • Marketing techniques for courses

Upskilling Through Continuing Education

Many of the survey responders expressed different challenges they anticipate facing this year and could use some support. Training Industry offers a suite of continuing education programs and events designed specifically to meet the needs of the training manager and to drive the business of learning.

CPTMs will receive registration discounts towards these courses and events. These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing Learning Technologies Certificate
  • Leading Leadership Development Certificate
  • Strategic Planning Master Class
  • Internal Consulting Master Class
  • Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE)

We really appreciate the responsiveness of the Training Industry and their CPTM program team. These new additions will be welcomed throughout the CPTM community. It’s always nice to know that when you fill out a survey, your answers matter.

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