One-on-One with AXIOM’s Herb Blanchard

A big thank you to Erin Brassler from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette for her great article with Herb Blanchard about AXIOM! 

On Sunday, July 11, the Worcester T&G featured AXIOM in it’s Sunday business section as a local, small business that’s doing well and growing. Erin came to our offices, sat down with Herb and asked a lot of thought provoking questions about the business, Herb’s background and how AXIOM came to be.

She wanted to know where AXIOM’s name came from, why it was chosen, Herb’s thoughts on the learning industry and how it has changed and evolved. Which led to an interesting discussion on how we see commercials now that tell us to ‘thank our teachers’ which didn’t happened a few decades ago. This appreciation for those dedicated to learning and development translated to the workforce, too, and now we know that education doesn’t stop when school is over.

Erin was great to work with, very professional, sincere and didn’t miss a detail. And her photographer! She staged a perfect picture and captured the essence of AXIOM through its president, Herb, and some of the materials we use to assist in our mission of delivering the most comprehensive, customized, and detailed training programs for your organization.

This was a great day, and it was really exciting to see are hard work showcased in print.

Our favorite quote? “Small businesses are the heartbeat of America…” We’re proud to be a small business and know that our success depends on our community. Thank you Erin, for featuring us and getting our business in front of so many people!

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