Pronouncing Technical Vocabulary, a Workshop

Technical words and phrases are longer and more difficult to pronounce than language used in daily conversational speech. Knowing how to say them, where to emphasize the syllables or what intonation works best can be tricky. AXIOM has a great workshop through partner CAL Learning that can help make you much more confident in pronouncing these words.

This workshop covers common problems with technical vocabulary, such as clear articulation of all syllables and compound noun stress. Learn to decode longer words for correct pronunciation, and apply correct stress in technical phrases. Participants are asked to bring in work-related vocabulary, key terms and phrases they would like to review.

You will learn:

Phrasing for compound nouns
Stress in multisyllabic words and compound phrase
To predict pronunciation and stress in longer words
Changes in word form and stress (vaccine, vaccinate, vaccination)
To clearly enunciate consonant clusters
To avoid common pronunciation errors in technical vocabulary

Partner and AXIOM friend Lauren Supraner of CAL Learning (Cultural and Language Training) runs a half day workshop that focuses on this topic. Register for this Pronouncing Technical Vocabulary workshop here.

This is part of a 7-part series on accent reduction and pronunciation for non-native speakers. Each session is one topic that Lauren can really dive into. These classes for up to 15 participants are more intensive that a longer session that might include several accent reduction techniques.

They also function singularly, so you can chose to attend one, a few, or all sessions. You don’t need to take them in order and you will not miss anything if you choose to take only a small subset of workshops.

Please contact us if you have any interest in these workshops. We’re happy to set up a schedule that works for your group.

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