Step up to Stand Out Program

We’re proud to associate with other learning organizations and love to promote things that we find interesting. Our friends at Lumina Learning have a great program coming up that we’d like to share with you. It’s called “Step Up to Stand Out”. Step Up to Stand Out

This is part of their Women’s Leadership Series and will include three 2-day sessions in Waltham, MA throughout January, March and April. Here’s the description from Donna Horrigan from Lumina Learning:

“According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 57% of women participate in the labor force and their numbers are growing as leaders and managers inside organizations. High performing organizations are taking stock and taking notice by developing this growing talent pool with leadership training designed specifically for them.

Step Up to Stand Out is a powerful leadership series focusing on the unique experiences of women to develop the critical skills necessary for their success in life and in business. It reframes limiting beliefs, helps overcome fears and develops women who can flexibly adapt, engage and influence others with effective communication, savvy behavior and emotional agility.”

The three sessions will be:

  • Step up: Find your voice and and develop a powerful presence
  • Step in: Discover and understand your inner voice
  • Stand out: Learn how to bring your power to life

For more information on how your organization can empower your emerging women leaders for next-generation leadership:

Register here for Step Up to Stand Out

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