The Learning Smoothie

What is a “Learning Smoothie?” Do you know? They sound delicious! But, what is it really?

Like your own breakfast smoothie, it’s made up of the best ingredients for you and your tastes. Your homemade smoothie matches what you need for that day (maybe it’s more protein, maybe it’s something sweet, maybe it’s something filling.)

Only you know what is best for you each day, so creating your own personal breakfast smoothie is a guaranteed way to make sure your personal needs are met.

A Learning Smoothie is not all that different! If you’re trying to create a learning program for your organization, you need the freedom to choose your own method of delivery, timing, budget and more. Like a smoothie, it’s never ‘one-size-fits-all’. Choosing how you design your learning program should be a completely customized process.

You choose what you need done, how best your learners will retain the information and the method that’s right for you and your business. Throw in your ingredients, mix them up and your program is entirely your own. Which gives you a much bigger possibility for success…because no one knows your learners better than you!

We’ve written an article about this, and it’s in the July/August issue of the Training Industry Magazine!

Take a few minutes and read up on why a customized learning program is your best bet.

The Learning Smoothie

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