TICE 2018, Another Fantastic Show!

We spent an amazing week in Raleigh, North Carolina at TICE 2018! Our compliments to the Training Industry for such a smooth and well-set up show. We saw a lot of old friends, were inspired by intelligent and thought provoking sessions and have spent the last few days reaching out to new people we met.

The Learning and Development community is a special one! 

AXIOM was a proud Platinum Sponsor of this event, did you stop by our booth?  We had several representatives from AXIOM there, and they were thrilled to meet so many new people (and hand out the extremely popular AXIOM microfiber screen cloths!)


Peter Ward had this to say:

“Again, a banner year for anyone attending TICE 2018! From the engaging and highly informative keynotes like Tiffany Poeppelman’s on personal branding and Alison Fragale’s on negotiation and relationship management to the incredible featured workshops like Jenn Kammerdiener’s “5 Keys to Effective Learning Strategy”…. It was an amazing conference.

This year I had the pleasure of attending a pre-conference continuing professional development program on Strategic Planning led by Vince Eugenio. I walked away with a whole new appreciation for, understanding of and tools for strategic planning. Almost as intriguing as Vince’s relevant stories was the participation of Learning and Development seasoned professionals taking the class and sharing their successes and challenges. Well worth the time and a great way to kick off the conference”!

The five AXIOM representatives floated between the booth and the sessions and we all really enjoyed the speakers and the topics. For Stacy, our marketing manager, the session on virtual and augmented reality in learning and how to market your learning program were especially interesting.

“As a marketing person in a learning world, it was especially valuable to me to see how my skills can help AXIOM continue to offer the highest quality learning and development programs. Thank you TICE for recognizing that so much goes into learning! It’s not just about your curriculum, it’s also about spreading the word that learning is essential to meeting your business goals.” – Stacy

Our proudest moment had to be on Day 3, when our very own Jenn Kammerdiener gave an engaging and interactive talk called “5 Keys to Effective Learning Strategy”. It was a packed house and even on the last morning of a busy week, the incredibly insightful and deep answers to some of Jenn’s questions were impressive. We really had an audience of passionate learning professionals.

What is a conference without a little fun? Check out AXIOM’s contribution to the cocktail hour on Tuesday night! As everyone walking by said “Hey, it’s still learning no matter the subject!”

We really did have a great time at TICE this year! The conference grows each year but still manages to maintain its small community feel. By the 3rd day we all commented on how nice it was to see how quickly strangers can become friends. It was nice knowing that any session you went into would have a familiar face.

And, big shout out to Jimmy V’s for hosting the networking event on Wednesday night. What a great place! Thank you!

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