Discovering your User’s Needs: Understanding your User is Key

When designing new features, getting caught up in how easily something works can cause you to miss a major point:  What users want and need is more important than whether or not it’s easy. Easy is great, but if it doesn’t satisfy your users’ needs, they will move on.

AXIOM is working closely with Frank Spillers, a UX/UI expert on this topic. We’re learning that your requirements often can be way off, compared to your users needs and desires.

Understanding user needs is perhaps THE most important aspect of any user experience effort.

On February 1st Frank Spillers is conducting an on-line web seminar called “The Secret to Discovering Your Users’ Needs- beyond Requirements and into Desirability”:

This 4 hour webinar, broken up into 2 parts, will give you practical and hands on tools to start conducting your user research, aka Field Studies.

You’ll learn about conducting a field study, analyzing users and tasks, developing personas and journey maps, all without getting bad data. You will get practical tips for rapid use in your job.

If you’re not sure this is what you need, here’s a 15-minute audio interview between Brad Whitteman, Program Manager and Frank Spillers. This will give you an informative snapshot into what the webinar will touch on. Frank and Brad dive into topics and issues covered in the UX/User Research Bootcamp.

This webinar is an interactive online boot camp. Looking for more than a webinar? Ask us, we can also bring it to your office and run the session for a group. This is a great primer for our full day User Research Methods course.

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