Ways to Enhance your Leadership Skills

What makes a good leader? And are they born? Or taught? It’s probably both! Just because you weren’t born with certain skills that draw people to you doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be an effective and respected leader.

There are many ways to hone those skills. You can observe a trusted mentor, you can learn through trial and error, you can do your own research, or you can take classes and certification programs that can guide you on your way.

AXIOM recently participated in the Certified Professional Training Managers program through The Training Industry and we were thoroughly satisfied. They are also offering a Leading Leadership Development Certificate program and if it’s half as good as the CPTM class, you’ll walk away with skills that will serve you well immediately.

Here are the 5 learning objectives that will be covered:

  • Identify, understand and assess the key variables that impact the success of enterprise-wide leadership development efforts
  • Match your organization’s leadership goals to leadership training program types, considering hierarchical leadership levels
  • Differentiate and successfully utilize leadership assessments
  • Evaluate and select appropriate resources for the development, delivery and assessment of your organization’s leadership development programs
  • Identify the best leadership development strategies for your organization and know when to develop custom programs

We highly recommend classes from the Training Industry.

We also found a great compilation of learning articles on the Chief Learning Officer website. If you don’t have time to take a class, take a few minutes to read some insightful articles on how to be the best leader you can be. Take a look at topics like credibility, growing leaders from within your group, or providing leadership paths for young grads.

AXIOM’s friend and partner Eric Bloom runs a great leadership program for people in IT. His ITML Institute has two programs worth a look:

Certifications for IT Leadership Skills

Leadership is a quality everyone should invest in, even if you aren’t in a leadership position yet. The skills you will learn will help you in your career for years to come.

AXIOM offers custom learning solutions for any problem you might face. Please contact us if you’d like to incorporate leadership skills into your learning curriculum. We can connect you with our partners, or work with you, your timeline and budget to create something that fits your unique needs.

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