3 Options for your Teams




Powered Ascent

Teams will engage in a quick paced immersion experience, focusing on applying the skills learned to develop their gamified solution to compete against other teams in the induction. Topics include Agile, Spring Boot, Architecture, Cloud, CI/CD, Security and more.

Orbital Velocity

Teams will work together applying all that is learned in the 2W session with an additional focus on building a UI with React, applying BDD and a heightened focus on testing, cloud and building a continuous pipeline.

Warp Speed

Teams will work through everything in the 3W session with an emphasis on building high performance teams, story decomposition, advanced unit testing, feature flagging & app monitoring, and a larger focus on developing the project UI with React.


5 Days Learning Journey
5 Days Project Journey


7 ½ Days Learning Journey
7 ½ Days Project Journey


10 Days Learning Journey
10 Days Project Learning

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