Accent Reduction from CAL Learning

Partner and AXIOM friend Lauren Supraner of CAL Learning (Cultural and Language Training) has a great 7-part series on accent reduction and pronunciation for non-native speakers in the business

Being a non-native speaker can be intimidating and can make it hard to communicate confidently.  Lauren’s accent reduction workshops not only improve speaking confidence for the learner, but allow companies to develop employees for more and greater communication and leadership roles.

We’re going to highlight each of these topics over the next few weeks.

These are half day workshops, and have been taught already so they are tried and tested and have been proven successful.

“Learners say they appreciate ‘going deep’ on each of the subjects individually, rather than having everything presented at once. Another benefit is that busy employees can pick the workshops that focus on their particular weak areas. For example, Linking doesn’t exist in Chinese. That’s why Chinese speakers sound choppy. Speak Smoothly by Linking is very helpful for this group. Speakers of Indian languages benefit greatly from Expressing Meaning through Intonation  since the intonation patterns in English are very different than their native language.”

Lauren will come to you, with all necessary materials, and teach to up to 15 participants in your location.

Here’s the list of topics:

  1. Grammar and Fluency
  2. English Consonants and Vowels
  3. Sentence Stress and Rhythm
  4. Word Stress and Fluency
  5. Expressing Meaning through Intonation
  6. Speak Smoothly by Linking
  7. Pronouncing Technical Vocabulary

What’s great about these classes is they are short (only half days!) and very focused. Each workshop is one topic that Lauren can really dive into. These classes are more intensive that a longer session that might include several accent reduction techniques.

They also function singularly, so you can chose to attend one, a few, or all sessions. You don’t need to take them in order and you will not miss anything if you choose to take only a small subset of workshops.

Please contact us if you have any interest in these workshops. We’re happy to set up a schedule that works for your group.






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