Agile Training, need it? We can do it!

Agile and Scrum principles can mirror learning and development principles in many ways. Both help create a framework that helps solve larger problems, both require extensive planning with concrete deliverables and both require a lot of collaboration with teammates.

CLO Magazine had a great article that enforces what we knew, good organization and team work help with any project. Take a look here.chief-learning-officer

AXIOM is in the middle of a great Agile/Scrum project with a large workforce management firm here in Massachusetts. Working with training liaisons within this company has allowed AXIOM to apply learning and development principles to Agile/Scrum curriculum.

We’ve started with an introductory class for a variety of people with different levels of expertise on Agile/Scrum principles.  Once we get through that, we stick around for follow up if needed and then when the project goes live, we’re there, too. If the engineers need ‘at-the-elbow’ support, we are ready to jump in.

Training isn’t just about teaching a class and walking away. We stick with our clients, and make sure that they can use what they learned on the job.  Our job doesn’t end when the class does, if you need help implementing new skills or support while you transition, AXIOM is there.

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